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Felix Schoeller E-CANVAS

The E-CANVAS has been co-developed with HP Indigo but Felix Schoeller owns the intellectual property. The aim was developing a new product to make the canvas production easy and quick. The new E-CANVAS can change the game by reducing production time and ink costs for wall decoration canvas and is the first of its kind to be printed on an HP Indigo Press.
The specially designed E-CANVAS Coating is not a simple primer coating and ensures high-quality prints with deep blacks, vivid colors and no white spots on HP Indigo Presses with one-shot technology.
At the moment, one E-CANVAS with a matt surface and 340 g/m² is available.

Product Surface    g/m²    Product Category  
E-CANVAS Matt    340    Coated Fabric    NW     S     


      Whiteness            Printability            Printing Technology
  • AW   Alpine White
  • BW   Bright White
  • W      White
  • NW   Natural White
  • IW     Ivory White
  • M      Metallic
  • SSimplex printable
  • DDuplex printable
  • SBSimplex printable (backside print)
  • Inkjet water-based Inkjet water-based
  • Inkjet solvent Inkjet solvent
  • Inkjet latex Inkjet latex
  • Inkjet UV Inkjet UV
  • High-speed inkjet systems High-speed inkjet systems
  • Sublimation waterbased Sublimation waterbased
  • Indigo printing systems Indigo printing systems
  • Dry toner systems Dry toner system